Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sugar Sugar by Kimberly "Momma" Reiner and "Momma" Jenna Sanz-Agero

Title:  Sugar Sugar
Authors:  Kimberly "Momma" Reiner and "Momma" Jenna Sanez-Agero
Publisher:  Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication Date:  25 October 2011
Pages:  312
Source:  NetGalley
ISBN:  9781449403584

My Review:

According to these two ladies, "Every Recipe has a Story"  and what a great story this compilation tells!  From the selection of recipes offered here, the story is that food should be fun and delicious and make you happy to eat it!  I love this book!  It has the best selection of sweets you will find anywhere.  The names of the recipes will crack you up.  For instance one of the Chapters is called, "Better Than Nooky Cookies."  The first recipe in that section is the 'Boobie' cookie, which looks delicious.  But, there are 16 more cookie recipes to tempt you in that one chapter.  Another chapter is titled, "Cakes to Diet For." There are some real doozies in this chapter, such as the, 'Everything But the Hummingbird Cake,'   'Strawberry Celebration Cake,' and 14 more that are as equally tantalizing as these two .  The  "Tarts and Pies Worth the Lies," is a wonderful chapter with 13 pie and tart recipes.   I could not decide which recipe looked the most appealing, as I want to make them all!  There is a 'Chocolate Puddin Pie, '  'Vanilla Puddin Pie,' 'Cooks and Kooks Key Lime Pie,' along with several others that will make your mouth water. In the "Cool Bars and Summer stars," chapter, there are 11 wonderful recipes such as 'Blueberry Buckle' and 'Peach Queen Cobbler'.  The last chapter is "Candy and Creative Confections." which has 10 recipes that includes 'Seaside Toffee,' 'Whoopie Pies,' 'Magic Marshmallow Puffs,' and 'Church Windows.'    If you love sweets, you need this book.  I think it is one of the best dessert books to hit the shelves in a long time.  I have pre ordered mine from Amazon and can't wait to get it!

This is a photo of the Blueberry Buckle from Sugar Sugar

Everything but the Hummingbird Cake

Kentucky Jam Cake

Boobie Cookies

Buffalo Chip Cookies

Vanilla Puddin Pie

Church Windows

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