Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TWD: Thumbprints For Us Big Guys & Happy Birthday Pam

Ta Da!!!!
I enjoyed this weeks project very much. The recipe was easy and the cookies were pretty.  I had to use Almonds instead of Hazelnuts. I really wante to use the hazelnuts, but couldn't find them at any of the local grocery stores.  The only thing I would have done different is to use Strawberry Jam instead of Raspberry.  Maybe Iwould have liked the Raspberry better f I had been able to use the Hazelnuts.  Regardless, they were still very good.  I took them to9 work for my friend, Pams Birthday.  I hope that she had a great one and Knows that I was thinking about her.  I could not post on the day of her Birthday, due to a computer problem.  She is such a fun lady and I love her dearly!

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